Radiant Projections

Immerse yourself in a fascinating journey through space and time with this ambient DJ set that takes you on a 94-minute sound journey. This playlist consists of carefully selected music from the netaudio sector, including both old and timeless treasures from netlabels. Some of these labels no longer exist today, while others are still active […]

Cologne Commons 2010

Cologne Commons is a conference and festival for digital culture that takes place every year in Cologne, Germany. It’s a rather small festival, but a lot of interesting people come from many parts of the world to play and listen to music, have discussions and exchange ideas, or just enjoy the time and drink a […]

Caught Association

It’s the time of the year that is best suited for slow sounds, intimacy and emotion. This mix presents a beautiful collection of warm and gentle electronic soundscapes, including a good portion of clicks’n’cuts that take turns with spherical space flights. Specialties of this set are the analog and natural parts like guitar playing, field […]

Rainsome Lone

An atmospheric, relaxing and melancholic ambient set with some epic parts. It starts somewhere far away and comes down to earth very quickly. The middle part is dominated by deepness and repetitive soundscapes that spin around themselves. It moves on, fading into lighter music, still some soundscapes, but with a perspective, a “happy end”, described […]

Bulb Appreciation

A warm, atmospheric and relaxing ambient set with smooth fades and wave-like movements from quiet to loud parts. Acoustic parts are included as well as drones. In other words, everything that makes ambient music so pleasant. The light bulb shown in the picture was the only light source besides the computer screen while mixing this […]