Where it’s ok to just enjoy

This mix is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It was made in the spirit of the old Subsource mixes. Back then, the goal was to play a wide variety of all the music available on the net, rather than focusing on a specific genre. So this is neither a club mix, nor a droning piece of ambient art, nor a nerdy IDM selection. It’s a little bit of everything. A music collection that has become quite playful and couch-compatible, seamlessly blending different kinds of music together.

Basic advice: Just set up your preferred music listening zone, where it’s okay to just enjoy and relax.

  • 73 min
  • 125 mb
  • mp3 238 Kbit VBR


  1. Intro: Genesis P-Orridge interviewed at the Guggenheim Museum, NYC
    taken from youtube
  2. Bad Loop – En Sure Sinua
    taken from Fragments
  3. Georg Neufeld – Meteor
    taken from Die Neue Feldordnung [brq071]
  4. Feldmaus – Put On A Magical Hood (Passage Version)
    taken from Spaces [pass001]
  5. FeldFunker – Don Quijote
    taken from Don Quijote [Kreislauf067]
  6. Lukeing Forward – Breakdown (Interfusion remix)
    taken from Breakdown EP [rec72-019]
  7. Neotnas – Milan
    taken from Intelligent Toys: We Make Music [Sutemos027]
  8. Keinzweiter – Su Una Voce
    taken from Globus Cassus [SMV009]
  9. Gastón Arévalo – Intenta
    taken from Dia De Campo [red009]
  10. Havantepe – Melody For Penelope
    taken from Winterschlaf [SP03]
  11. Norman Fairbanks – Upper Class
    taken from Living Near The Valley
  12. Mango Aioli – Versunken
    taken from The Sound Of Mango Aioli EP
  13. migloJE – Ammbisso Flat
    taken from Linear Emotions [kahvi163]
  14. Blackfeel Wite – Silence (STM Rozhdenie Rmx)
    taken from Intelligent Toys: We Make Music [Sutemos027]
  15. Mujuice – Piano Version
    taken from Still [frag008]
  16. Idmonster vs. Stina Nordenstam – Wittle Star
    taken from [mtk.mp3.082]
  17. mon0 – Dreaming
    taken from Sensaura [SS14]

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Photo taken at Paloma Bar, Berlin.

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  2. can u pls name the track from the playlist which starts @ 13:55?


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