Where it’s ok to just enjoy

This mix presents a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It was made in the mood of the old Subsource mixes. Back then the aim was to play quite a variety of all the available netmusic rather then to focus on a specific music genre. So this is no clubmix and no droning piece of ambient art nor a nerdy IDM selection. It’s a bit of everything. A music collection that became pretty playful and couch compatible and melts seamlessly different kinds of music together.
Basic advice: Simply set up your preferred zone for listening to music where it’s ok to just enjoy and relax.

Where it’s ok to just enjoy ambient, deep house, electronica, idm, tech house 73 min 125 mb mp3 238 Kbit VBR download


  1. Intro: Genesis P-Orridge interviewed at the Guggenheim Museum, NYC
    taken from youtube
  2. Bad Loop – En Sure Sinua
    taken from Fragments
  3. Georg Neufeld – Meteor
    taken from Die Neue Feldordnung [brq071]
  4. Feldmaus – Put On A Magical Hood (Passage Version)
    taken from Spaces [pass001]
  5. FeldFunker – Don Quijote
    taken from Don Quijote [Kreislauf067]
  6. Lukeing Forward – Breakdown (Interfusion remix)
    taken from Breakdown EP [rec72-019]
  7. Neotnas – Milan
    taken from Intelligent Toys: We Make Music [Sutemos027]
  8. Keinzweiter – Su Una Voce
    taken from Globus Cassus [SMV009]
  9. Gastón Arévalo – Intenta
    taken from Dia De Campo [red009]
  10. Havantepe – Melody For Penelope
    taken from Winterschlaf [SP03]
  11. Norman Fairbanks – Upper Class
    taken from Living Near The Valley
  12. Mango Aioli – Versunken
    taken from The Sound Of Mango Aioli EP
  13. migloJE – Ammbisso Flat
    taken from Linear Emotions [kahvi163]
  14. Blackfeel Wite – Silence (STM Rozhdenie Rmx)
    taken from Intelligent Toys: We Make Music [Sutemos027]
  15. Mujuice – Piano Version
    taken from Still [frag008]
  16. Idmonster vs. Stina Nordenstam – Wittle Star
    taken from [mtk.mp3.082]
  17. mon0 – Dreaming
    taken from Sensaura [SS14]

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Photo taken at Paloma Bar, Berlin.

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  3. can u pls name the track from the playlist which starts @ 13:55?


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