Networks Mix

This mix presents a sweet collection of electronic music produced or remixed by Finnish musicians. The intention to create this set came up while my former company joined with a Finnish global player. So this music is a warm hello to my new northern colleagues (although Finnish music probably isn’t very new to them).

Networks Mix ambient, electronica, glitch, idm 60 min 79 mb mp3 182 Kbit VBR download


  1. Bad Loop – Lumme
    taken from Lumme EP [kahvi029a]
  2. Recue – Himanka
    taken from Between Stations [one026]
  3. if:then:goto – Easy (Bad Loop Remix)
    taken from Another Syntax Error [one022]
  4. Blamstrain – 031231 (Theme For A Wordless Moment)
    taken from VA – Crossways [thn070]
  5. AGF – Rakasta
    jataken from
  6. Bad Loop – Eri Valeire
    taken from Lou [one018]
  7. Lackluster – Doused
    taken from Fin Chip Pimp (
  8. Bad Loop – 50mikrog
    taken from
  9. Bad Loop – 3b or t
    taken from Lou [one018]
  10. Vladislav Delay – d/kompiila
    taken from
  11. Plosive – Pavlovian Fear
    taken from Neutral [one009]
  12. Recue – Between Stations
    taken from Between Stations [one026]
  13. Yasahi – Where Am I?
    taken from VA – Cameos [kahvi101b]
  14. Lackluster – Grind
    taken from Distance (
  15. Uusitalo (Vladislav Delay) – Big Hearts Come Later
    taken from Vapaa Muurari live (

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Picture taken in Helsinki, harbor area.

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