Cologne Commons 2010

The Cologne Commons is a conference and festival for digital culture happening on a yearly basis in Cologne, Germany. It’s a rather small festival but with lots of interesting people coming from many parts of the world for playing and listening to music, having discussions and sharing ideas or for simply enjoying the time and having a beer. This year I had the pleasure to attend to this cozy festival and to play a one hour live DJ set.
I was invited and presented as the “Godfather of Netaudio”. The reason behind is that I most possibly shared the first netaudio only DJ sets back in 2001 (under the SUBSOURCE umbrella) and I organized the first netaudio parties also in that days. Now the idea was to somehow reflect this status with a DJ set which would cover the history of the netmusic scene. Of course it sounds impossible to have all the highlights and all the styles of almost a decade of netmusic combined into a short DJ set but I simply started playing.

The set starts with some droning ambient and fades into the world of playful IDM which was quite popular on the net in the beginning of this century. Fascinating music which brought me personally even closer to netmusic and which is still very enjoyable. After that part the set turns into a Four-on-the-floor house and techno set. Back in the days it was quite hard to create such a DJ set made only with netaudio tunes. There simply was no such music free on the net. Fortunately, this has changed nowadays. The set presents some of the classic floor movers as well as some current flavors.

Finally I decided to edit the live recorded DJ set in order to provide an alternative ending and to play some additional tunes which I somehow missed to play live. Please enjoy this set and be shareful!

Cologne Commons 2010 deep house, electronica, idm, minimal, tech house, techno 77 min 139 mb mp3 251 Kbit VBR download


  1. Mind Over Midi – Lift You Out
    taken from Habitat [SSCD03]
  2. Planet Boelex – Windbreak
    taken from Second Thoughts EP [mtk.mp3.147]
  3. Yasahi – Where Am I?
    taken from Cameos [kahvi101]
  4. Bad Loop – Nth
    taken from Fragments
  5. DiE – Strangest Thing
    taken from 2D Life [kahvi020]
  6. Creeptide – Glowing Seas
    taken from Nerul 21 (Promo)
  7. Vincent Casanova – Take Me Beyond (Paul Keeley Remix)
    taken from Rainforest EP [EPS08]
  8. Nhar – Cisland
    taken from Cisland [plx009]
  9. Theodor Zox – Steps for Kids (Close to Midnight Mix)
    taken from Steps for Kids Remixed [frag003]
  10. Thomas Danger – Skikkelig Minimal
    taken from Skikkelig Blx EP [prep34]
  11. Sudio – Seen future, breaking history
    taken from va – never mind the industry … here´s iD.EOLOGY [iD.025]
  12. Marko Fürstenberg – Porn Infection (Remix)
    taken from Classics [THN078]
  13. Apoll – Precious Sweet Friday
    taken from va – Netaudio Festival Berlin 2009 E-Compilation
  14. Benfay – Bonnie Mandarin
    taken from Carbon [THN007]
  15. Alexandre Bilodeau – Goya
    taken from Veins-tu [EPS22]
  16. Ez A Divat – Deep In The Neitherlands (Sinko remix)
    taken from va – Cologne Commons 04
  17. Superloader – Let It Off!
    taken from va – Cologne Commons 04
  18. Eric Brandy – Mvet Tool
    taken from va – Pinksilver 1-Year Anniversary [PSNET010]
  19. Mika Martini – Toc_11 (Toconce)
    taken from Mestizo [pn014]
  20. Breitbannt – Back From Exile
    taken from Back From Exile [THN035]
  21. SOURCE – Profuse
    taken form GasForm EP [rohformat033]
  22. Frank Biedermann – Endor Forest
    taken from Wookiee Woods[stadt004]
  23. Akan – Narcolepsy
    taken from [plx003]

Special thanks to for providing SSCD03.
Picture artwork by [in]anace. Picture taken in an elevator of the Shanghai World Financial Center.

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  5. Oh, what a pleasure. First attending, and then downloading and listening. It was/is physical in its own ways…

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