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Dirk Murschall
Große Freiheit 61
22767 Hamburg


No, there is no certain meaning of the name [in]anace.

What’s your gear?
Software: Traktor DJ Studio
Sound: Terratec Phase 26
Hardware: M-Audio X-Session Pro

Is there a difference between home mixes and club mixes?
Yes, club mixes are faster, meaning tracks are mixed quite quickly (changing every 2-3 minutes) and there is more use of EQ and kill switches. Home-recorded mixes are smoother with long fades and generally more relaxed, even though they are dancefloor tracks. Most of the mixes on this site are home-recorded.

Do you really only use free (Creative Commons) music?
For the mixes on this site: yes. But not every track is licensed under a CC license, some tracks are just published on the web for free without any special license.
When playing in a club: commercial music is played as well, but this music always has the minor part.