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Interest Complex

“As the microscopic camera pans across the technicolored landscape, molecular shapes dance playfully in rhythmic frequency…”
From crispy tech house to ambient soundscapes. This mix presents works of Jason Corder, all the music was composed or remixed by him. He is one of the most talented web musicians with releases on netlabels like Subsource, Autoplate and Thinner. This mix was also released on Mixotic.net.

Interest Complex electronica, tech house, ambient 80 min 105 mb mp3 184 Kbit VBR download


  1. Jason Corder – Undertow Lovesong
    taken from Microcosmos LP [THN057]
  2. Jason Corder – One Obscure Night
    taken from Microcosmos LP [THN057]
  3. Benfay – Flussbett (Jason Corder Remix)
    taken from One Touch Button Remixes [THN060]
  4. Jason Corder – Serotone
    taken from I Like To Listen [THN050]
  5. Jason Corder – Microcosmos
    taken from Microcosmos LP [THN057]
  6. Zen Savauge – Trip The Sun
    from Mixed Greens [unreleased]
  7. Zen Savauge – Black Space
    taken from Contrast [SUB054]
  8. Zen Savauge – Night Side
    taken from Contrast [SUB054]
  9. Jason Corder – Oakland CA
    taken from Microcosmos LP [THN057]
  10. Off The Sky – Cold Front
    taken from Studies Of Lifeform In Transit [APL014]
  11. Off The Sky – Through Her Isolate Divide
    taken from Many Things Worth Living For [THN020]
  12. Zen Savauge – Lack Of Better World
    taken from Inconnu [SUB048]
  13. Off The Sky – Coriolis Effect
    taken from Studies Of Lifeform In Transit [APL014]
  14. Mikkel Metal – Solko (Off The Sky Rework)
    taken from Cassini Pieces [THN058]
  15. Zen Savauge – Strange Attractors
    taken from Inconnu [SUB048]
  16. Off The Sky – Niello Tryst
    taken from Studies Of Lifeform In Transit [APL014]

Picture artwork by [in]anace.

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[in]anace is a virtual DJ born on the internet with a strong aim to catch all the interesting and exciting sounds out there. He chooses out of a huge repertoire of electronic music which is available in his virtual world. Many different styles and tunes are combined and mixed. Depending on mood and the environment the sets are for exploring acoustic landscapes as well as for dancing feets off and sometimes both of it. Some say that because of his special way of selecting and mixing music the DJ sets are telling stories. The specialty is that the music used in the mixes is freely released on the internet mostly on netlabels and so are the mixes: they are free, as music should be.

He also produced some electronica tracks in his bed room studio and by the way he found Subsource, one of the first German netlabel. Later on he invented netaudio DJ sets.
Creative Commons LicenseAll the music collected on this site was collected and mixed by [in]anace. You are free to share, to copy, distribute and transmit the music.