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Efficient Data Rotation


A smooth music collaction made for the smart mixlabel op3n.net. The opener by Jetone maybe sounds a bit displaced but this tune is more than a classig one.  Right after the first 5 minutes of this set it becomes pretty cosy playing a bunch of modern and exceptional ambient tunes. To give this all a political touch op3n.net compares my alter ego [in]anace with the royalty of spain:

Dirk Murschall dirigia subsource.de, uno de los primeros netlabels a los que accedí, a finales de los 90, y el primero en publicar sesiones (creo). hace tiempo que dirk reivindica su status de dj “on the fly”, recuperando el carácter psicológico de amoldamiento del dj ante la audiencia, concepto que parece haberse olvidado con el nacimiento de determinados software que contribuyen a las sesiones prediseñadas. [in]anace es uno de los nombres históricos de la escena internacional y su incorporación a op3n.net, es para mi un motivo de honda satisfacción (dios, no puedo evitar usar expresiones borbónicas refiriéndome a la realeza de la escena). *don’t try to get this if you aren’t spanish and really aware of the current political afares.

Efficient Data Rotation ambient, dub techno, electronica 70 min 96 mb mp3 192 Kbit download


  1. Jetone – untitled
    taken from Force-inc mp3magazine 003 [r.i.p.]
  2. OCP – Atmos Three
    taken from Atmos [ser012]
  3. Suz – The End of May
    taken from Pinksilver 1-Year Anniversary [pinksilver010]
  4. Unit 21 – September, 26th
    taken from September-October [thn087]
  5. Yagya – A Thousand Words
    taken from Sutemos Live [Sutemos015]
  6. Asférico – Cinco Cactus
    taken from clear-cuts a compilation vol.1 [ccrecmp3003]
  7. Sumergido – Lisboa (Glander Remix)
    taken from Levemente ([ykyk007])
  8. Veer – Where Nothing Ever Happened
    taken from Where Nothing Ever Happened [THN072]
  9. Twile feat. Milja – Sedna
    taken from Traum-A [APL047]
  10. Iambic² – These Lights
    taken from Under These Stars [laridae031]

Picture artwork by op3n.net.

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[in]anace is a virtual DJ born on the internet with a strong aim to catch all the interesting and exciting sounds out there. He chooses out of a huge repertoire of electronic music which is available in his virtual world. Many different styles and tunes are combined and mixed. Depending on mood and the environment the sets are for exploring acoustic landscapes as well as for dancing feets off and sometimes both of it. Some say that because of his special way of selecting and mixing music the DJ sets are telling stories. The specialty is that the music used in the mixes is freely released on the internet mostly on netlabels and so are the mixes: they are free, as music should be.

He also produced some electronica tracks in his bed room studio and by the way he found Subsource, one of the first German netlabel. Later on he invented netaudio DJ sets.
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