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Convenient Evolution

Eventually everyone comes to dub techno at some point. Everything will end up in dub. Dub techno is space and depth which are fundamental parts of our world. I wanted to create a real dub techno mix without the current dub house or club tendencies, more with the traditional Basic Channel / Chain Reaction sound as well as including some real dub roots, meaning the Reggae influences.
Please enjoy a set which starts quite deep and slow, passes by some electronic Reggae sounds and ends up with post Chain Reaction tracks. The speed of the set is constantly increasing while space and depth remain.

Convenient Evolution dub, dub techno 79 min 136 mb mp3 234 Kbit VBR download


  1. Niklas Nummelin – Centric
    taken from Observations [SS03]
  2. Guitoud – Version
    taken from Analogic Time [FPR022]
  3. Segue – City Dwellers
    taken from Capitalist Hippies [KY_D13]
  4. Sumergido – Lisboa (Glander Remix)
    taken from Levemente [YkYk007]
  5. Veer – Greet The World With A Smile
    from 100 [THN100]
  6. Urban Force – Sunset Anthem Pt. I
    from Instabil meets Kyoto [KY_D11]
  7. Nitro – Ultimatum (Dreiton Remix)
    taken from Truba LP [DN011]
  8. Gastón Arévalo – Relief
    taken from Austral [THN109]
  9. Basicnoise – x2197
    taken from Agravic EP [schall_006]
  10. Electribalt – Menkar II
    taken from Beneath the Sky [SS05]
  11. Overcast – The Beast
    taken from The Changeling EP [SS10]
  12. Vitalis Popoff – 5
    taken from Valley Of The Shadows [SS07]
  13. Deep Eyes – Digital Love
    taken from Crystal Dust EP [IM05]
  14. Octex – Otnemem
    taken from Flow.ers [Sutemos008]

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Picture taken in the bed room.

13 Responses to Convenient Evolution

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  2. Thx RT @inanace: Convenient Evolution, a #dub and #dubtechno mix in the tradition of Basic Channel / Chain Reaction http://bit.ly/8Rl42Z

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  4. #dub and #dubtechno mix including a track from OVERCAST SOUND — Convenient Evolution http://bit.ly/8Rl42Z (via @silent_season @inanace)

  5. Check out this new mix (Convenient Evolution) by @inanace featuring some deep dubby sounds. http://bit.ly/8Mdu4q

  6. yves says:

    Nice mix, a keeper!



  7. [in]anace says:

    @yves: Thanks!

    And also thanks for the nice and supporting emails i got so far from some others :)

  8. DDDDAiSYYY says:

    Nice :)
    Thanx for informing.

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  11. marc says:

    "[in]anace – Convenient Evolution" http://www.inanace.de/mixfiles/convenient-evolution #ccmusic #mix /via @das_kfmw

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He also produced some electronica tracks in his bed room studio and by the way he found Subsource, one of the first German netlabel. Later on he invented netaudio DJ sets.
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