[in]anace – virtual dj born on the internet This site is about amazing free quality electronic music. Mixed, combined and melted for fun, pleasure and in-head experiences (2001 – 2012)

A Quantum Autumn Sun

Dub music was my first love and it will be my last… Beside of the many ambient sets there is always room for some more driving music. Enjoy this mix of current dub house and dub techno tunes combined with some deep miniml noises and as always the long fades.
For best listening experience use headphones on a train ride.

A Quantum Autumn Sun deep house, dub techno, minimal, tech house, techno 72 min 99 mb mp3 191 Kbit VBR download


  1. Mujuice – Deer’s Tears
    taken from Still [FRAG008]
  2. Bozx & Co – Pilote
    taken from Reincarnations Vol3 [IM10]
  3. Emmerichk – Cy-Borg
    taken from Asteroid [konfort015]
  4. Father Ohmicron – Djarniture
    taken from F.O.R. [ESSM-03]
  5. Daniel Gardner – Under The Shower Tower
    taken from Under The Shower Tower [THN101]
  6. Veer – Vacio
    taken from Where Nothing Ever Happened [THN072]
  7. Deep Eyes – Tierra De Fuego
    taken from Reincarnations Vol3 [IM10]
  8. Tanox – Paral.lel Clip
    taken from Breathe 02 [BRH02]
  9. Mathis Johnsen – Sonnenkinder
    taken from Im Garten Mit Paul EP [TRO51]
  10. Marko Fürstenberg – Porn Infection (Remix)
    taken from Classics [THN078]
  11. Raumton – Wired
    taken from Communication [NORE005]
  12. Sudio – Pulsed Deflection
    taken from Sheets Of Sound [ID040]
  13. Deep Eyes – Lonely Earth
    taken from Crystal Dust EP [IM05]
  14. Eric Delay – Kindheitstraum
    taken from Kindheitstraum [FRAG012]
  15. Sense – Saturdaynight
    taken from Stop Look Wave [cactusisland]

Picture artwork by [in]anace. Picture taken at a train ride near Würzburg, Germany.

[in]anace is a virtual DJ born on the internet with a strong aim to catch all the interesting and exciting sounds out there. He chooses out of a huge repertoire of electronic music which is available in his virtual world. Many different styles and tunes are combined and mixed. Depending on mood and the environment the sets are for exploring acoustic landscapes as well as for dancing feets off and sometimes both of it. Some say that because of his special way of selecting and mixing music the DJ sets are telling stories. The specialty is that the music used in the mixes is freely released on the internet mostly on netlabels and so are the mixes: they are free, as music should be.

He also produced some electronica tracks in his bed room studio and by the way he found Subsource, one of the first German netlabel. Later on he invented netaudio DJ sets.
Creative Commons LicenseAll the music collected on this site was collected and mixed by [in]anace. You are free to share, to copy, distribute and transmit the music.